CAD drafting: Future is here, Growing trends in India

CAD drafting: Future is here, Growing trends in India
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The question is Why outsource to India? Why Outsource CAD Drafting?

Let’s dive right into the point why India is the best choice for CAD Drafting Outsourcing services.

According to a report by NASSCOM, nearly half of the worldwide top Fortune 500 companies choose to outsource from India.

80% of the US and Europe-based outsourcing firms consider India as their preferred location.

Appropriate policies and a Skilful English-speaking workforce help the Indian outsourcing industry Enlarge every year.

For clients, outsourcing to India means Sustain growth while containing labour costs.

As a front runner in the Indian CAD Drafting outsourcing industry, we have collaborated with many clients on projects of Different complexity.

Yes, we know that some generic success factors outstandingly contribute to the success of any outsourcing operation in India.

The 9 Backbone Factors of Outsource to India

  • A large pool of computer-educated and English-speaking professionals
  • A large number of graduate students annually, compared to any other country
  • Experts in Information Technology
  • Cost factor
  • Quality standards that meet the world’s approval
  • Functional methods mostly follow ISO and SEI CMM standards
  • Differences in the time zone for flexibility in working hours
  • Enhanced communication features and good connectivity with the rest of the world
  • A frozen political environment


Outsource to India – It’s not just about cost

Cost is one of the main reasons for outsourcing, but it is not the first reason.

When a company decides to outsource work to India, it needs to factor in the initial funding required in terms of supporting structure, recruitment, training, etc.

While the cost advantage is seen much later.

Along with Quote value, there are much savings in offshore outsourcing to India, but outsourcers will achieve the quality and value augmentation only after the outsourcing begins.

Offshore outsourcing in India also leads to extreme time savings while maintaining quality and higher productivity.

As reported by NASSCOM, ‘India’s great attraction as the outsourcing destination is its invincible fulfilment value proposition and the QPR (Quality, Productivity, and Rate) factor.’

Key features of global offshore outsourcing, along with India’s plus power, are continuing to Growing the Indian CAD Drafting engine.

India is at higher beneficial with the active government support, policies, and a stable political climate.

Outsource to India - Why Outsource to India - Alpha CAD Service

The increase in offshore outsourcing is a combination of the following factors:

  • Its visibility has encouraged more orthodox companies to experiment with offshore outsourcing to India for competitive reasons.
  • Expansion of the CAD Drafting services offered by offshore companies like us and many others.
  • The establishment of offshore captive centres by user companies for their business processes.
  • Onshore drafting technology and services vendors marketing their products (AutoCAD) in countries like India and China.

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Get Actionable Drafting Trends and Tricks!

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