What automation means to Architectural drafting

What automation means to Architectural drafting
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Our research aims to check the role of computers that play as visualization and presenting tool in the architecture design process.

The thesis proposes to determine the correct understanding of our experience in the emerging digital field.

Before it is made in practice, the degree to be used as a design tool for the CAD programs as an instrument for examining ‘need’ to visualize the building and testing and evaluation of artistic processes.

As part of testing the benefits, We have evaluated the degree in the field of architecture in computers, in which they can be hazardous for the professional drawing of hand drawings and physical model and how the virtual architecture disciplines – this paper uses architectural visualization to demonstrate technical proposals.

Many architects believe that traditional hand rendering and conceptual sketches are now lost in the cost of architectural design.

Research explains how these digital technologies help design architects and how the visualization functions as a way of communication between the client and the designer.

This includes research in architectural graphics as a marketing tool and takes into account the future of designing methods as visual and development tools for design creation.

As such, this question will be suggested whether architects and designers maintain a ‘hands-on’ approach to discipline, or whether it has been left in favour of computer graphics as a visual tool.

Are computers away from traditional methods and if so, what are the benefits of discipline?

Many people argue that computers do not have aesthetic understanding, as humans do. But with machine learning, if computers are fed with appropriate dimensions, people will be able to recognize that it feels aesthetically pleasing.

We live in a world where computers can calculate our taxes, drive our cars, and book our holidays.

Can it even design our buildings?

Back in 2013, researchers from Oxford University gave a 1.8% chance of being Automatically Detected in one study.

This is because it is difficult to automate the ‘constructive works’ which include high-quality human manipulation and human perspective.

However, only some types of creative pursuits cannot be easily changed,

that does not mean that the interruptions in their industries will not be seen.

The accurate reality, 3D printing, and other emerging technologies,

architects are typically placed in the whole digital change of construction ecosystem by the advent of CAD.

Why CAD Software?

During the ’80s and’ 90s, the CAD software changed the draft board for the architects.

Although the software works as a ‘digital’ draft board, architects need to decide how they are drawing – plan, section, or elevation, before starting the drawing.

Drawings are created and edited independently.

Sasha Crotty, Senior Product Manager, Revit Platform and Services, Autodesk performs a similar view when she says that architects did not fully benefit from understanding the human process behind the design and design capability of BIM’s design purpose.

“There are so many things that are trapped in the past projects that are sitting on the world’s servers and waiting to be reused. The question is – Automation can help architects make it more effective so that they can improve their built-in environment. Can you contribute more to your skills and knowledge? “

There are two professional companies following Autodesk and Google automated design prospects.

3D Architectural Drafting - Why CAD Software - Alpha CAD Service

Autodesk introduces its innovative design platform, Project Dreamcatcher, which is called ‘next generation of CAD.’

Dreamcatcher is a genetic design system that enables designers to define their design problems utilizing a target and resistance.

This system produces thousands of design options that meet specified targets, allowing designers to find trade-offs between many alternative approaches and design solutions for production.


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