Role of CAD Drawing in Residential construction and Subdivision

Role of CAD Drawing in Residential construction and Subdivisiontest
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Developing Dry-land for a perfect residential project from scratch can be a tedious process. With the involvement of parties and conditions, it can be both time consuming and costly. However, following the correct procedure, understanding the norms and local laws can help and prove to be a guide in the studies.

Let’s know the whole process step by step.

Residential Construction

What is a Residential Subdivision?

The term subdivision, in the context of civil engineering, may be explained as, the division of a tract into one or two or more plots, lots, sites, or other divisions of land. This may be to sell or build a residential or industrial project. There are different rules, laws, and standards in different countries, which should be considered before starting the project development process.

Types of Residential Construction:

  • Single-family development
  • Mixed-use development
  • Cluster development
  • Plans for multi-family development

Process of Residential Subdivision

Although the process of subdivision may vary slightly for the project, the standard milestones for the process are given below.

1. Pre-purchase

As the name suggests, this is the first step in the process of subdivision. A developer needs to know the exact details about the property of the land in question, for example – a construction category of land (residential, industrial or commercial), land development design manual, drainage design manual, single-family lot All criteria / multiple, etc. These specifications may vary by countries, state or city and should be confirmed by the local governing body.

2. Concept stage

Once the details are acquired and confirmed from the local governing body, the next step is to come up with a concept. What can you create on the site? How many units? What are the possible restrictions? Here, the preparation of the plots needs to be completed with extreme accuracy. Before you can decide what can be constructed, you must first assess the development and planning policies of the local council and develop a plan according to the systems of the local governing body. This includes the extent of the property’s land, defining potential open spaces, slopes and even / uneven grounds, internal roads, lot design, etc. It is also called preliminary plot preparation and once completed, it is sent to the Body Office for approval.

Residential Construction Drawings: Subdivision, CAD Drawing

3. Working CAD Drawing and Documentation

Once the approval is received from the local governing body office, the most critical step is to make the actual design and image of the real site. This is an essential step in the process and must be executed accurately. Site details such as finalization, paving planning, grading plan, earthwork calculation, hydrological calculation, storm pipe design and analysis, sewer and water network, erosion control plan are prepared with its exact specification. Software tools like AutoCAD Civil 3D can create the perfect work picture for you and they can set two goals for you –

  1. It serves as a guide to a builder on what to build.
  2. A production certificate or a building permit is considered as a document to be presented.

How Alpha CAD can support here?

Alpha CAD Services is a trusted partner for global companies for their CAD Design and CAD Drafting/Drawing requirements, be it for residential, industrial or commercial project development. We can rightly support you from the concept design to the local governing body, giving you the exact work-presentation. Our experts in the civil engineering design industry have extensive knowledge of development policies, rules and regulations of a different field which helps our client to create final project designs.

For more details about our services, get in touch with our sales team, write your requirements, and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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4. Construction and completeness

After receiving approval from the local governing body and working financially, construction can be started. At each stage of construction, it’s important to check that the work is going as per planning and working design.

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