How Architectural industries use Computer-aided design

How Architectural industries use Computer-aided design
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The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is that the Architects are still drawing manually?

The immediate reaction is NO, not really.

The hand drawing that we do professionally is more for the aesthetic value of picture and testing designs, communicating ideas and extracting field details. In terms of test design, it is often common practice for architects to design and redesign buildings for their clients. Design is a process that involves many levels of complexity and improvement. When creating a new building or redesign in an existing building, one of the first things that many architects face many problems, it is tough to redesign with measurements and erase older one portion and replace another part on it. While this is easy to do with CAD programs in our digital age, I think drawing up these relationships gives me a better understanding of design. Drawings are then carried out in the computer and can be rewritten and sketched once again for verification.

Manual Drafting - Architectural Drafting - How Architectural industries use CAD

One of the first things we do when starting a new plan is to measure and test current conditions in the field. While we have used digital capturing and 3D measurement in the past, we have found that it is straightforward for our work to perform quality field notes and analyses with architectural CAD drafting.

There is no doubt in my mind that the digital age will increase its presence in the architecture and construction communities, but I think the hand drawing is dying in our business.

What do Architects do?

Architects design and build structures for others where they can live, work, eat, shop, and worship in that place. These structures may include homes, schools, office buildings, rooms and complexes that are indoor, outdoor, public or private for use. In addition to being in charge of the entire aesthetics, the architects must ensure that the structures are safe, functional and economical. Also, architects are often involved in each phase of construction projects, from initial planning to project completion.

Architects use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) tools and software, as well as building information modelling (BIM) to create building drawings. They must ensure that they comply with the Drawings Act, such as zoning laws, building codes and fire regulations. Architects may also need to ensure that structures are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

CAD Drafting - CAD Draftsmen - How Architectural industries use CAD Drafting

What do Draftsmen do?

Draftsmen, also known as drafters, perform specific tasks similar to architects and often work with architects. Draftsmen, such as architects, prepare CADD drawings. However, drafting can be applied in many other areas besides construction and architecture. Drafting can be used to create drawings of civil, electrical, structural or mechanical design. Draftsmen’s CADD drawings include technical details and specifications, such as materials, dimensions, and procedures. In addition to using CADD, Draftsman also uses calculators, tables, and technical handbooks.

The type of work a draftsman does depends on his area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. For example, Architectural drafters create drawings for new construction projects. They can specialize in residential or commercial buildings, or the types of materials used such as steel, wood, or reinforced concrete. Civil drafters prepare drawings for use in major civil engineering projects, such as highway and bridge construction, sewer management and flood control projects. Other common drafting areas include aeronautics and electronics.

CAD software designed for faster and perfect work, especially in the engineering and architectural industries. It has replaced traditional drafting and design methods such as pens and paper, allowing businesses to plan, simulate and produce their new ideas in a single program. We look at the role of CAD in the architecture industry, highlighting how CAD has revolutionized the complexities of planning, design and evaluation processes.

Alpha CAD Service committed to providing all kind of drafting works including Architectural CAD Drafting, Mechanical CAD Drafting, Civil CAD Drafting, Structural CAD Drafting and CAD Conversion.

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