Exploring CAD Services: From 2D Drafting to 3D Conversions

Exploring CAD Services: From 2D Drafting to 3D Conversionstest
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CAD design services are complex as they contain many processes that help complete a project. The basic function of CAD services is to create drawings and models of products, buildings, or other objects using different software such as AutoCAD, CATIA, Creo, etc. However, this software is not just limited to making CAD drawings; they are the most versatile and powerful programs you can use for various tasks.

In this article, we will discuss the various types of services that come under CAD services and how they are used in multiple industries.

Different CAD Design Services

Alpha CAD facilitates several CAD services to our clients, each having significance in different domains. Below are some of the most common and popular types of services that we provide:

2D CAD Drafting


2D CAD drafting is creating a two-dimensional drawing of an object using computer software such as AutoCAD, CATIA, etc. In the past, when drafting was done manually, it was a time-consuming and tedious task. However, computer-aided drafting has made it much easier and more efficient for engineers to create drawings in less time. Moreover, details related to the dimensions, size, shape, etc., can be added and modified easily as and when required.

A 2D draft is the first process in any computer-aided design and can be converted into a 3D model by extruding the 2D drawing. These types of CAD drafting services are extensively used in various fields, such as architecture, engineering, construction, etc., to create drawings of buildings, products, machines, etc.

CAD Conversion


Digitizing plans, drawings, sketches, or images into 2D or 3D digital format is called CAD conversion. This process converts manual drawings into digital counterparts, which are further used in various software for analysis, modification, and other purposes. A professional CAD company like ours can scan any manual drawings be its engineering drawings, blueprints, maps, sketches, etc., and convert them into DWG, DXF, or any other format as required by the client. 

Below are some of the common types of file conversion services that we provide:

  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • Image to DWG Conversion
  • PDF to DWG Conversion
  • JPG to DWG Conversion
  • PNG to DXF Conversion
  • TIF to AutoCAD Conversion

2D to 3D Conversion

Most designs start with simple 2D drawings, the basis of any design concept. As mentioned above, the 2D design contains details about an object’s dimensions, size, and shape of a thing but it does not give a realistic view of how the object will look. Therefore, to better understand the product, this basic 2D design is converted into a 3D model using different software. In this type of Conversion, the 2D drawing is first converted into a 3D wireframe; then, surface modeling is done to give it a realistic look. 

2D to 3D Conversion is a basic service within the CAD industry and is extensively used in various domains such as architecture, engineering, product designing, etc. Alpha CAD also provides this type of service and other related CAD services, such as 3D modeling and 3D rendering, that can translate 2D drawings into beautiful renders with complete materials and lighting to give your project a realistic look.

CAD Mechanical Drafting


Mechanical drafting is an intricate process with many small details that must be considered while creating the drawings. Since such drawings have to do much with physics, movement, and mechanical operations, they must be accurate and precise. Any small error in the drawing can lead to big problems later on. This is why designers working on mechanical drawings must have in-depth knowledge and a keen understanding of objects, their functionality, and the physics behind their movement.

Examples of mechanical drawings include:

  • Automotive engineering drawings
  • Product design drawings
  • Aerospace engineering drawings
  • HVAC system drawings
  • Reverse engineering drawings
  • Prototype drawings

These mechanical drawings are widely used in many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, etc. Any company that deals with machines or products involving movement use mechanical drawings to create their designs.

Outsourcing mechanical design projects to a reliable CAD drafting service can be very beneficial as it can help you concentrate on other aspects of your business while the professionals take care of your drawings. Also, by hiring an expert, you can rest assured that your drawings will be accurate and precise.

CAD Electrical Drafting


A construction project is not just about the structure; it contains a myriad of different plans and systems. One such system is the electrical system which needs to be pre-planned so that cables and other electrical equipment can be easily accessed and distributed throughout the building. Electrical drafting creates plans containing detailed information about the electrical components, their location, and how they are interconnected.

Some of the common types of electrical drawings are:

  • Electrical panel layouts
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Lighting plans
  • Fire alarm plans
  • Telecom plans
  • Power distribution plans
  • Schematics and more

These drawings also include specific icons and symbols that help easily identify the different electrical components.
Besides construction, the industries that widely benefit from electrical drawings are power line construction, electrical contracting, solar panel installation, and more.

CAD Structural Drafting


Structural drafting is creating drawings that capture detailed information about the physical components of a structure, such as its walls, floors, columns, beams, etc., and how they are interconnected. This type of drawing is very important for construction projects as it helps understand the load-bearing capacity of different structural elements and plan the construction process.

Some of the common types of structural drawings are:

  • Foundation plans
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Cross sections
  • Wall sections
  • Roof framing plans
  • Stair details and more.

Structural drafting is extensively used in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. It is also used in renovation and remodeling projects.

Outsourcing CAD Drafting Services to Us

If you want to outsource your CAD drafting services to a reliable and experienced provider, then do not forget Alpha CAD Service. Our dedicated team of professionals has years of experience handling all types of CAD drafting projects. In addition, we use the latest software and technologies to ensure that our clients get the best quality drawings.

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