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Our BIM Modeling Services

With a perfect blend of rich domain knowledge and a competent workforce of BIM engineers, we make BIM Services more suitable for our clients. An ideal team of highly-skilled architects and engineers, we’re capable of delivering customized BIM modeling services.
Our BIM models carefully contain clean data and drawing details as required by the client. We can handle and develop BIM modeled from LOD 100 to LOD 500 as per demand.

The LOD 100 BIM model (concept design) has been developed to represent information at a basic level. Guidelines such as area, height, volume, location, and orientation are defined.

The LOD 200 BIM model development with a rough calculation of volume, size, shape, location, and orientation with non-geometric information attached to the model.

The LOD 300 BIM model defined with a specific set of a group, volume, size, shape, location, and orientation.

The LOD 350 BIM model includes model descriptions and elements that show how the building element interface with various components and other construction elements with graphics and written definitions.

The LOD 400 BIM model elements are formulated as specific assemblies, which contain detailed information in addition to complete fabrication, assembling, and precise quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation. Non-geometric information can also be associated with model elements.

The LOD 500 BIM model elements develop for maintenance and service. It includes real and exact in shape, size, location, volume, and orientation with non-geometric information.


Domain Expertise of our BIM Services

  Architectural BIM Services
   Structural BIM Services

  MEP BIM Services
   Facade BIM Services

  Precast BIM Services
   Steel Detailing Services

Alpha CAD’s BIM Process

Why Choose Alpha CAD Service for BIM Modeling?

✓ Better Support and Communication
 ✓ Model-based cost estimation
✓ Pre-construction project presentation
 ✓ Better coordination and conflict discovery
✓ Reduced overall costing
 ✓ Well planned Scheduling and Sequencing
✓ Believe in improving productivity and prefabrication
 ✓ Provide planning with construction safety
✓ Increased reliability of a coordinated model
 ✓ Strong facility management


Alpha CAD’s drafting center in India enables us to leverage time zones and deliver results to our global clients. We will be glad to assist you!


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