Advantages of using CAD over manual drawing

Advantages of using CAD over manual drawing
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Computer-Aided Design or CAD Drafting has been a real success by becoming the primary source of communication purpose in the AEC (Architects, Engineers and, Contractors) industry.

Before CAD’s arrival, the only source for the draftsman was drawing and paper for sketches.

The traditional method of manual Drafting is repeated and taking time.


However, now traditional manual Drafting has been shifted to CAD Design and CAD Drafting.

So, Let’s dive right into what advantages of CAD Drafting helps smarter over Manual Drafting.

Data Storage and Easily Accessible CAD Drafting

One of the benefits of CAD drafting is that it does not need to be filed to store in a folder like manual Drafting.

CAD can be easily saved on a drafting computer server and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The chance of losing the documents is more in a manual draft.

Without the use of paper, CAD Drawings saved electronically, and it is also an environment-friendly method.

Represent Virtual Structure with 3D Footage

CAD Drafting - 3D Rendering Drafting - Alpha CAD Service3D drawings are the best way to represent the structure.

Although one can make a 3D model manually, it does not look like a 3D model created by in the AutoCAD. AutoCAD breathes life into a 3D model and helps the visualization process.

Automatically creating a 3D view is a challenging, time consuming, and tiring job, which makes it easier with software like AutoCAD.

Do Actions with Revisions

When you draw on paper or software, there is a possibility of some research or changes.

In a manual draft, you need to erase and re-extract it to make any changes to your drawing. CAD simplifies the research process with its various editing tools.

With a few clicks of a mouse, you can undo, redo or delete your actions. You do not need to draw an object again at any time because you can modify existing objects by mirroring, hauling, rotating, scaling, etc.

Accelerate Drawing Speed and Save Drafting Time

The discovery of technology has been made to simplify our work, save our time and work faster.

AutoCAD is significantly faster than the traditional method of manual Drafting.

It accelerates the task of preparing a bill, reports, scaling, etc. of content — tedious work of drawing each line on paper done in a few mouse clicks.

As CAD software removes repeated iterations, large amounts of time are saved.

In AutoCAD, data describing a component is associative, and hence revisions are automatically made to all places the data is used.

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Pixel Perfect CAD Drafting with Accuracy

In Manual Drafting, all of the dragged objects must have the correct size and configuration.

Each object needs to be manually tested and constrained because there may be a slight error in the whole project.

With CAD, there are many technologies available to get specific parameters that lead to improved accuracy in this project.

Due to the numerous advantages in the review of CAD Drafting in terms of speed, accuracy, data storage, manual manufacturing, it has become standard for AEC industries.

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