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About Us

Alpha CAD Service, a subsidiary of Alpha BPO, was established in 2006 due to an increase in demand for Architectural & Structural engineering design and drafting services. In order to offer better focus and good quality outputs, we went forward to establish a separate company which caters to the architectural & engineering needs of our clientele.

Alpha BPO has provided its Business Process Outsourcing and Data Digitisation services to onshore and offshore companies for several years now. At Alpha CAD Service, each project is personally examined by a director and is subject to regular design reviews where the entire design team contributes to the scheme’s development. Thus, after obtaining a thorough response from each project member, we make the necessary changes and ensure that the output delivered is of impeccable quality.

Outsourcing has remained a major challenge for Architects and Engineers. We, at Alpha CAD Service, ensure a smooth and coordinated process with an in-house team of prolific CAD Drafters and project managers who work together seamlessly from initial discussion to final delivery and offer the much-needed assistance and support in carrying out major tasks. Furthermore, we guarantee high efficiency and great flexibility to make sure that our clients receive the best results and thus, we save 60% of their cost incurred in project deployment.

Why Alpha CAD Service?

  • Our Price is as low as US$ 8 / hour.
  • We are flexible, amiable and passionate just like the colleagues in your workplace.
  • A team of qualified professionals to meet your needs immediately.
  • Teams can work around the clock in order to meet your deadlines.
  • Small as well as big projects are given equal precedence by our team.

Try us!

For clients who wish to outsource Architectural or Structural engineering design and drafting services on a regular basis – we offer a free trial project on the basis of a prior agreement. Write us an e-mail with your project specifications and we will get back to you.

Our Clientele:

Our clients hail from varied parts of the globe such as Europe, the USA, the UK, Canada, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Australia.

We follow the below mentioned international standards and codes:

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