3D Rendering: An Architects Way to Visualize Structures

3D Rendering: An Architects Way to Visualize Structures
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First, let’s clarify one thing that is what the difference between 3D Rendering and Modeling? The answer is simple; 3D Rendering is the process that comes after 3D Modeling.

So, let’s deep dive into the point what is 3D Rendering? After that, we will intensely discuss a significant difference between 3D Rendering and Modeling.

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What is 3D Rendering?

In the most basic terms, 3D rendering is a two-dimensional representation of a computer wireframe model that is given properties such as texture, color, and material. You see 3D renderings every day, but most of the time you probably won’t even notice. Of course, there is a precise application, like watching a toy story with your kids. But, you may be surprised to know that most product ads, at least to some extent, were created using 3D rendering visualization. 3D digital artwork is in your magazines, on your TV screen, on the cover of your books, architectural planning and anywhere in print or screen media. The medium has quickly become a ubiquitous form of art and artistic expression.

3D rendering is a creative process that is similar to photography or cinematography looks like staging light and visuals and producing images. Unlike the camera clicked images, the 3D Rendering scenes are artist imaginary and everything that appears in a 3D rendering that is created through the software.

Each 3D visualization is created using two primary software columns: Modelers and Renderers.

Each rendering begins as a 3D model, represented by a series of flat geometric shapes linked together in three-dimensional space. These shapes are called polygons. These basic geometries are the backbone of any digital 3D model and are manipulated and constructed using computer software such as Rhinoceros 3D, Google SketchUp, or 3DStadio Max.

Interior 3D Rendering Modeling

Architecture and the 3D Rendering

The use of technical drawings for CAD design is common in the creation of 3D models.

3D Rendering is the architect’s best friend. It gives them the power to exactly show what they are imagining. Not only this, the ability to create a 3D model allows the designer to critique his work. 3D Rendering has become a quintessential design tool, offering an in-built system of quality control that ensures that every angle of a building is studied with a glance before it can be designed.

As technology improves, architecture studios have begun to implement virtual reality (VR) technology in their practice. This further enhances the architects’ ability to communicate their work with clients and builders.

Below is a list of some of the most common industries that are being 3D rendered

 ✓ Architects
 ✓ Interior Designers
 ✓ Design Studios
 ✓ Real Estate Agents
 ✓ Construction companies
 ✓ Land Developers
 ✓ Individual House Owners
 ✓ Civil Engineers
 ✓ Marketing & Advertising Companies
 ✓ Publishing Companies


Differentiation of 3D Rendering and 3D Modeling

Both 3D modeling and rendering are two distinct stages of an entire process to create a 3D model.

3d modeling objective

  • Enables better project planning
  • Shows if there will be any possible interference between building systems
  • Visualizes schematic structures before construction
  • Detects any issues before installation to eliminate major system collisions

3d rendering objective

  • Helps real estate agents show properties to customers
  • Enables better design-related decisions before construction
  • Facilitates marketing, design analysis and facilitates presentations
  • Still displays ideas in rendering, 3D moves through animations, virtual tours, floor plans, etc.

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